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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Two Young Guys and the Two Bad Men

I dreamed two young guys were in the basement of someones house just fumbling through some belongings in the semi dark. Suddenly they heard the man who lived there had arrived home and it startled them because they weren't supposed to be there. They got scared and ran through the basement until they found a door to leave through but you could hear the guy upstairs running just as quickly toward the exit. The door they were about to leave through was opened just a crack and you could see the light beaming in from outside. Hope. As they reached for it the dream suddenly blackens and restarts again in a very gloomy scene. Outside the home there was a little square white car parked. In it was the bad man and his bad friend and the two young guys. One of the bad guys sitting in the back seat held a gun up to the back one of the kids heads who was sitting in the front seat, and kept threatening him "I'll blow your head off!" --there was a lot of frightening yelling and screaming and pleading going on, and just when you've convinced yourself that the bad guys are just trying to scare the young guys, after that small bit of silence amongst the screaming, the bad guy shoots the gun and blows half the kids head off, the top half to be precise. Chunks of skull and brain and blood were hurled forward into the front window and then some. The other kid, a curly blonde haired kid, was released. He got out of the car, very shaken and grateful to be alive, and walked away all covered with blood . I was very disturbed.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Woods

I wrote this dream on Feb 3 2012:

My husband dreamed we were in the woods and I got into an accident. I dreamed I got into an accident, loosened up my front tooth, and was in the woods. We both visited a house, mine had a man in it, his had a woman and a man. I think we were in the same dream. Again.

As it turns out he said the van I was driving was maroon. I just let it crash. Then he went to a house and a lady opened the door, then the man. I think they were his ex wife and her boyfriend. He yelled at them. I forget what happened but in the end my husband wondered why I'm always bringin them up, hence crashing the maroon van.

The maroon van is us. When we first met, I dreamed he lived in a lonely house, it was all in black and white. He was sitting on a single bed, very depressed. In his backyard was a party. There were 3 Mexican mariachis sitting on a rock. When I was in the garage later in the dream, with my husband and my son, we looked at an old broken down irreparable car. That was his relationship with his ex wife, then his wife. then we walked over to a new maroon car, it was shiney and nice. Then his wife came through the door an aimed a gun at us. My husband opened the door on the other side of the garage, and I left, my son Bobby left, and then my husband left. He never turned back.
That was in 2002. The maroon car is now in my husbands dream a maroon van. It's grown. It's still shiney. But I was letting it crash. That means I had to fix my attitude, stop bringing up his ex. He wants nothing to do with them.

North Carolina

I wrote this dream on Feb 8 2012:

Dreamed of my husbands mother Edna who lives in Florida, she was going to take a 2 hour ride to North Carolina. My husband dreamed that his boss sent all of the landscape crew down to North Carolina to learn about plants. No, our TV was not on. Really weird. What's up North Carolina?

KFC Wedding Chapel

I wrote this dream on Feb 20. My husband had it:

I dreamed I was going to be casted in a movie. Paul dreamed we got married at a Kentucky Fried Chicken Wedding Chapel. Yeah!

In Paul's dream we both had paper wedding outfits on, they were tucked into our shirts like a bib. I asked my husband what he thought about KFC, he said he loved it.

Later that day, in reality, we went to the movies. On the way home we went by a KFC. I asked him if wanted to go there since he dreamed about us getting married there. I finally convinced him. We drove up to the speaker and ordered a 6 piece. The girl convinced us to get an 8-piece for 16.00. I said sure. When we got it the reciept totalled 17.11. We were married on 7.11.
The KFC Wedding Chapel!!


I dreamed last night about being at my husband's ex's house in Florida. They had two giant ditches in their front yard, like giant tire tracks down the whole front drive that went about 6 feet deep. While they dug up the trenches they pulled out a giant boulder and left it on the yard. My husband was angry, he was angry just being there. His ex wife Sandra was mad that I was there and then she finally accepted me. I was in her bathroom taking a bath and she knocked on the door and passed me in a hairbrush. It was a gift. Apparently she was into sales, especially novelty items. The brush was one of them. I also dreamed his adopted daughter Cheyenne had an illness like toxemia or something.

My Friend From Florida and the Bus Situation

Dreamed one of my friends from Florida either Nancy or Karen, were in Waltham and we were going to take a bus ride somewhere. She got on the first bus and I somehow missed it. Another bus came half hour later and I missed that too. I looked out the window from the beauty salon I was in after I heard one of those 'bus taking off' sounds, the sound you hear when you miss the schoolbus, and saw two giant green/black army buses pulling away, one after the other. I thought they must be army buses but then the back of them had emblems from sports teams.
I finally got on the bus with my husband and we dialed my friend but the cell phone said I had to pay money to make the call unless I was within one mile from whereever she was. I wasn't sure if she'd wait for me. We had a lot of catching up to do.

To backtrack, while I was in the beauty salon i saw a pony tail on the floor with the elastic band still wrapped around it, someone had lopped it off. Earlier in my escapades in the salon I of course, visited the public bathroom. I'm always queasy about the 'public bathroom' dreams. You never know what crap you're going to find.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flash back to Thanksgiving

I haven't written any of my dreams so I am trying to remember them all now. During the Thanksgiving break I dreamed of a coworkers Mother. She and I were in a basement. All the walls and floors were a crumbling dark concrete mess. We were stepping through this mess and I could see the light shine through a doorway into the rest of the home which was nice. I stepped over some concrete and found myself looking at a shiney surfboard shaped piece of mahogany or walnut wood flooring. It had an inlay of a floral print. I said "hey look at this, this is a beautiful piece of flooring!"
I went to work on Monday and told Amanda about the dream her mother was in. She said her mother had mentioned she was tired of looking at the old floors and wanted to have new floors put in.